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Gemini Gemini is in charge of cat scans and mouse control! Gemini has been with QL Aviation since 2019  

meet the staff


Braden Aircraft Maintenance Engineer / Pilot Sharp and as efficient as they come! There is nothing that this young man can’t figure out and fix.  It doesn’t take long after…

meet the staff


Martin Aircraft Maintenance Engineer & Quality Assurance Manager Aside from general maintenance, parts sourcing, pricing and aircraft imports Martin dedicates a lot of time to regulatory research and compliance. With…

meet the staff


David Aircraft Maintenance & Structures Engineer There is not much Dave hasn't seen or done with over 45 years in aircraft maintenance. This man also possesses a great wealth of…

meet the staff


Geoff Owner and Director of Maintenance / Commercial Pilot After 40 years in aviation as a transport category pilot and maintenance engineer, Geoff is the guy you want to turn…

meet the staff
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