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    Look at feed formulation in a whole new “whole farm”way—not just 1 formula at a time.

    WIM was developed by a team of Nutritionists with advanced degrees and a combined total of more than 60 years of industry experience

    A “Holistic” Program Module separate but linked to Friesen Nutrition Feed Formulation Software (FNFFS) to do whole farm complex feed formulations “all at once” and analyses of ingredient usage and potential savings


    • Formula specifications for all the diets used on a farm unit in FNFFS
    • List of available Ingredients and their current Prices in FNFFS
    • Analyses of main grains and proteins for Moisture, Protein, Fat, Ash and at least 2 of the 3 fibres (CF-Crude Fibre, ADF-Acid Detergent Fibre, NDF-Neutral Detergentt Fibre) to calculate their energy and available amino acid FNFFS
    • Tonnes of each Formula manufacture/month for the WIM Program Module

Features Benefits


  • Helps decide the monthly financial cost savings of using one or more new ingredient(s)
  • Helps calculate the pay back on a new ingredient bin(s)
  • Calculates the “‘shadow price” of new ingredient(s)
  • Helps predict ingredient monthly cost and usage rate of all ingredients when ingredient prices are “moving and shifting”
  • Calculates the whole farm cost of restricting (“stretching”) or “forcing in” ingredient(s) NOTE: When ingredients are “restricted” or ‘forced” the program uses the ingredient(s) where they make the farm the most profit—always honouring the individual formula specification parameters.
  • Gives customers average cost /month for each ingredient, cost/tonne of each feed formula, average farm feed cost/tonne and each ingredient cost as % of total feed bill.
  • Allows the comparison of Present Set of Formulas to a Former Set of Formulas

Poultry Nutrition

With our highly experienced poultry team, our experts at FRIESEN develop feeding programs specific to your operation that gets results in your Pullet, Layer, Broiler, Duck & Geese and Turkey barns. Our nutritional, technical service and sales team has decades of poultry experience which can make a big difference to your profit margins.

We believe that fresh, clean water is the most important nutrient in your poultry operation. We typically always start with analyzing your water quality and nutrient composition to determine which nutrient(s) is/are required to be adjusted or “BALANCED” through our fortified VTM micro and macro premix feeding program. Also, we are interested in your water qualities like pH levels and coli form levels. Presence of disease-causing pathogens, such as bacteria, viruses, yeasts, fungi and parasites require the water to be treated.

We follow this process up with checking the feedstuffs quality on your farm including wheat, barley, corn, peas and other grains or pulse crops; Balancing the feed to specific genetic requirements, feed intake characteristics, weight and market targets.


Friesen Chicken Nutrition

Broiler & Roaster Programs

FRIESEN has a very specific broiler feeding program which uniquely target specific market weights. For example, the 1.85 kg and 2.25 kg target market weights. Also, we have programs that are intended to maximize the bodyweights of 8 to 10 week old roaster chickens. To achieve optimal and uniform bodyweights, our feeding programs are balanced with micro & macro minerals, vitamins, enzymes, amino acids and nutraceuticals.

Turkey Programs

FRIESEN can provide you with the most advanced Turkey feeding program to reach your target market weights and minimize mortality. Uniform growth, fully feathered, fast growing while maintaining leg & feet structure with the rapid increase in bodyweight by using chelated trace minerals and highly digestible nutrients.

Duck & Goose Programs

FRIESEN is proud of its D & G Premix and feeding program for ducks and geese producers. With a 12-week growing period for ducks, producers try to minimize the pin feathers and meet their 3 kg dressed weight. The meat is very tender and retains moisture very well to allow for juicy duck and goose meat. Even and consistent growth is always important to minimize the variations in size.

Pullets & Layers Programs

Our goal in raising pullets is to follow the bodyweight growth curve as set out by each individual genetic company. We follow the bodyweight growth chart up to maturity while balancing the VTM’s, amino acids, energy and fiber. Upon reaching the lay stages, we formulate stage-fed diets that are based on feed intake levels per day. This is a unique concept which better targets the hen’s daily nutrient requirements.

FRIESEN is keenly aware and focused on the under-grade eggs, shell quality, yolk colour and production percentage. Eggs laid per hen housed is a good production indicator which takes into account the mortality in each flock. It is critical to be proactive in poultry nutrition as production can suffer greatly without foresight in predicting possible or eventual problems

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