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Balanced Livestock Nutrition

FRIESEN is committed to providing the highest quality nutrition to independent livestock producers. Our focus is on providing balanced nutrition designed for today’s dynamic and demanding genotypes and to assist livestock producers in achieving and maintaining market goals.

As a result, our company will achieve customer satisfaction with fair pricing and service with honesty and integrity.

With combined 100-plus years in the livestock premix industry, the management and staff of FRIESEN can provide you with solutions to the most complex nutritional, environmental, genetic, and management difficulties plaguing many barns and independent producers.

Dedicated. Focused. Innovative.

FRIESEN is one of Western Canada’s leading manufacturers and distributors of swine premixes, vitamins, minerals and supplements. Since 2000, FRIESEN has worked hard to set the standard for innovative feeds and feeding programs. FRIESEN is able to set these standards and be the authority in micro nutrition by working effectively within a family of focused individuals and organizations dedicated to the swine industry.

FRIESEN is also committed to bringing you a highly skilled field sales and service team. Our representatives undergo extensive training and coaching on important topics such as nutrition and physiology, growth modeling, barn observation skills, and record keeping and analysis. The investment in our sales and service team ensures that we meet your needs and provide sound fact-based solutions for your operation.

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