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QL Aviation Services LTD
Who are we?

Established in 1980, QL Aviation Services is a Transport Canada approved Aircraft Maintenance Organization. Located at the Lethbridge County Airport in southern Alberta, QL Aviation provides general maintenance for a large number of private operators, aerial applicators, and a great local flight school named Excel Flight Training. In addition to the general maintenance QL Aviation does Aircraft Salvage, Recovery and Structural Repairs.  In order to perform these Sheet Metal Structural Repairs this company holds a special Transport Canada Rating. 

Aircraft Pre-purchase Inspections and Importing is also a big part of QL’s business.

The staff at QL Aviation pride themselves on their professional work ethic. They strive to meet and exceed customer expectations every day. Not only do QL's Engineers & technicians possess a great deal of experience on a wide variety of aircraft, they always look forward to improving the quality of their service.

In addition to quality maintenance, QL Aviation also provides aircraft sales. Geoff Price, Owner and Director of Maintenance for QL Aviation, possesses a wealth of knowledge in the aircraft sales market, as a result of his long time commitment to aviation as a high time airline transport pilot, aircraft owner and maintenance engineer.

QL Aviation Services LTD.

Hangar No.7 Lethbridge Airport
Box 272 Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada, T1J 3Y7
PH: 403 327-4582 Fax: 403 320-7289

Spruce & SpecialtyCessna Pilots Association

  • Aviation consulting
  • Contract maintenance
  • Annual inspections
  • Sheet Metal Structures repairs
  • Fabric repairs
  • Imports
  • ELT recertification
  • Pitot/Static testing
  • Transponder  recertification
  • Weight & balance
  • Aircraft sales/ parts
  • Aircraft salvage & bonded storage