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GEOFF PRICE - Aircraft sales


Thinking about buying an aircraft, but not sure what kind, or if the price is right.

Geoff can help!

There is a lot to consider when choosing the aircraft that is right for you.  Here are some of the things that a buyer should think about:

  1. Size & specifications
  2. Performance
  3. Airworthiness status
  4. Aircraft history
  5. Operating cost
  6. Maintenance cost
  7. Parts availability & cost
  8. Avionics cost
  9. Price
  10. Insurance cost

After 35 years as an aircraft owner, pilot and maintenance engineer Geoff is able to answer most of the questions that may arise.

Once decided on the aircraft type, he is able to do a detailed pre-purchase inspection if requested. 

Being a high time pilot Geoff can ferry the aircraft to you.

Ensure you get some good advice.  It’s free and it can save you money and a lot of hassles.

Contact Geoff

Email [email protected]

Phone (403) 327-4582



Geoff Price

Geoff Price